Jerry & Sharyn Webb

When Jerry was studying for his Ph.D., he and Sharyn rented student housing and ate a lot of macaroni and cheese. Jerry earned his Ph.D. and began teaching mathematics at the University of Texas in Austin, but they still found themselves trying to pay off student loans and living paycheck to paycheck. They began their business after living in Austin two weeks. Their two daughters were very young and Sharyn's goal was to stay at home with them rather than to teach. They now have five children. Today they live in a beautiful home, have a business that spans the globe, and have children that are involved in building their own businesses. "It's a real tribute to this business," says Jerry, "that after all these years we can be more excited now than we have ever been. Our family motivated us right from the first, even when we just wanted a little, and it's still what motivates us today." Goals have been a key for Jerry and Sharyn, and for years they have used the quote - "The measure of time to your next goal is a measure of your discipline."

"We've always had dreams", Sharyn says, "and our dreams have 'faces' in them."

Join us at the Hilton Wailola Village

Welcome to Waikiki

Sharyn and Stephanie visiting the ruins at Perga in Pamphilia

Phuket, Thialand

Sharyn and Barbara Bush

Kona Village, Hawaii

Dornans and Webbs visit Central Park

On stage - Europe

The Hills Are Alive With the "Sound of Music" - Salzburg, Austria

Skiing at Deer Valley

Jerry in Greece

The Atlantis in Nassau

The elephant ride in Phuket, Thialand

Jerry and President Bush in the Oval Office

Sharyn at Kona Village, Hawaii

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